I am Beautiful

Too often people may feel like they aren't beautiful without makeup. Some may use makeup as a mask to hide behind, instead of an add-on feature to their look. The way you add a piece of jewelry to your outfit, should be the way you wear makeup, as an accessory and not a necessity. 

Makeup is a way to express ourselves, not a way to hide who we are. The mission and purpose for KristStyle is to highlight the beauty that is already present in every person. No one should ever say "I can't leave the house without my makeup on" instead we need to feed our minds with affirmations that remind us how beautiful we are with or without makeup! 

We are all fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14), which means our beauty is unique and one of a kind. Our beauty is not defined by makeup, but instead by the beauty that lives within us. The next time you decide to put on makeup, be sure you recognize all that you exemplify and who you are, you are beautiful.